Shreewatsha Nepal

Shreewatsha Nepal

Dual Specialization Instructor in Finance and Entrepreneurship


Shreewatsha Nepal is a dynamic and knowledgeable instructor specializing in Finance. With his strong background in Finance and Entrepreneurship, he brings a wealth of expertise to the classroom. His passion for teaching, coupled with his real-world experience, enriches the learning experience for his students, making complex financial concepts accessible and applicable.

Shreewatsha Nepal has a substantial teaching experience in the fields of Insurance and Entrepreneurship. He possesses a unique ability to blend theoretical knowledge with practical insights, making the subjects engaging and relevant to his students.         

Shreewatsha Nepal believes in fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment. He encourages active participation, group discussions, case studies, and simulations to enhance students’ understanding and critical thinking abilities. His teaching philosophy revolves around nurturing students to become competent and innovative professionals in the fields of finance and entrepreneurship.

In addition to teaching, Shreewatsha Nepal is involved in mentoring and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs. He actively participates in startup incubators and provides guidance to young entrepreneurs, leveraging his own experience to help them navigate the challenges of starting and growing their businesses.

Shreewatsha Nepal’s passion for finance and entrepreneurship, combined with his teaching acumen, makes him an exceptional instructor for Insurance and Entrepreneurship courses. Through his expertise and guidance, he empowers students to embrace financial opportunities, manage risks, and develop innovative business ventures.

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