Ram Chandra Shrestha

Ram Chandra Shrestha

Sociology Instructor

Ram Chandra Shrestha is a highly knowledgeable and passionate Sociology Instructor. With a background in Anthropology, he brings a unique perspective to the study of society and human behavior. His expertise in teaching and deep understanding of social dynamics make him an invaluable asset to the academic community.

He has extensive experience teaching Sociology to undergraduate students. He has a proven track record of engaging students in the subject, fostering critical thinking, and promoting empathy and understanding of diverse cultures and societies.

Ram Chandra Shrestha’s academic background in Anthropology provides him with a broad understanding of human societies and cultures. He has conducted ethnographic research and fieldwork, which adds depth to his teaching.

While primarily focused on teaching, Ram Chandra remains interested in research related to societal changes, cultural dynamics, and the interplay of various factors that shape human societies.

Ram Chandra Shrestha’s dedication to excellence in teaching Sociology, coupled with his unique background in Anthropology, provides students with a transformative learning experience. Through his expertise and guidance, students gain a deeper understanding of social phenomena, preparing them to critically analyze and contribute to the betterment of society.

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