Kahi Raj Gnawali

Kashi Raj Gnawali

Finance Instructor

Kashi Raj Gnawali is a dedicated and knowledgeable Finance Instructor. With a background in Business Studies, specializing in Finance, he brings a comprehensive understanding of financial principles and practices to the classroom. His passion for teaching and expertise in finance make him a valuable asset to the academic community.

Kashi Raj Gnawali has substantial experience teaching Finance to undergraduate students. He is adept at conveying complex financial concepts in an accessible manner, making the subject engaging and relevant to students from diverse academic backgrounds.

Kashi Raj Gnawali believes in creating an interactive and dynamic learning environment where students actively participate in discussions and case studies. He emphasizes the practical application of financial concepts to real-life scenarios, preparing students to make informed financial decisions.

Kashi Raj Gnawali’s dedication to excellence in teaching Finance, coupled with his strong financial expertise, provides students with a transformative learning experience. Through his guidance, students develop a solid understanding of financial principles, empowering them to make sound financial decisions both in their personal lives and future careers in finance-related fields.

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