Dipak Bhandari

Dipak Bhandari is the esteemed Principal of our college, overseeing its administrative and academic functions. With a passion for teaching and a wealth of experience in the field of management, he also takes on the role of a faculty member for the Principles of Management course in the Department of Business Administration.

Mr. Bhandari has a proven track record of academic excellence and has been actively contributing to the college’s teaching community for over 20 years. Despite his administrative responsibilities as the college principal, he continues to engage with students in the classroom, bringing a unique perspective to the Principles of Management course.

Before assuming the role of college principal, Dipak Bhandari served as a management consultant, working with various companies to develop effective strategies for business growth. His experience in the corporate world enriches his teaching and administrative decisions with real-world insights, making the college experience more relevant and practical for students.

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