Yubraj Neupane

Yubraj Neupane

Finance Instructor

Yubraj Neupane is a highly skilled and dedicated Finance Instructor. With a strong academic background in Finance, he brings a deep understanding of financial principles and practices to the classroom. His passion for teaching and expertise in finance make him an invaluable asset to the academic community.

Yubraj Neupane has extensive experience teaching Finance to undergraduate students. He is known for his engaging teaching style, ability to simplify complex financial concepts, and his commitment to student success.

Before transitioning into academia, Yubraj Neupane had practical experience in the finance industry. He worked in financial institutions and gained valuable insights into financial practices, which enriches his teaching with real-world examples.

Yubraj Neupane’s dedication to excellence in teaching Finance, coupled with his strong financial expertise, provides students with a transformative learning experience. Through his guidance, students develop a solid understanding of financial principles, equipping them for success in their academic and professional pursuits in finance-related fields.

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