Arjun Kafle

Arjun Kafle

Operation Management Instructor

Arjun Kafle is a highly knowledgeable and experienced Operation Management Instructor with a background in Finance. His expertise lies in the field of Operation Management, where he brings a unique perspective to the subject. With a passion for teaching and a strong foundation in finance, he is an invaluable asset to the academic community.

He has extensive experience teaching Operation Management to undergraduate students. He has a proven track record of engaging students in the subject, incorporating real-world examples, and fostering a comprehensive learning environment.

Before entering the field of academia, Arjun Kafle worked in operational roles within the finance industry. His practical experience enhances his teaching with real-life examples, illustrating the intersection of operation management and finance in various business contexts.

Arjun Kafle’s dedication to excellence in teaching Operation Management, coupled with his strong foundation in finance, provides students with a transformative learning experience. Through his expertise and guidance, students gain valuable insights into optimizing business operations and understanding the financial implications of operational decisions.

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